Sailors' Valentines by Wendy L. Marshall
Rainbow Fleet

Valentine Frames

Offered, are a wide selection of heirloom, show and furniture-quality custom made valentine frames (empty valentine boxes) at a remarkable value. These frames are made for you one by one according to your selections of size, design or wood selection. I feature only non-acidic woods such as Mahogany, Cherry, Cedar, and Tiger - Birdseye - Curly Maple, Rosewood, Pecan, Ebony. Feel free to make any special requests.

Pricing examples:

I offer single and double frames as well as unusual shapes and sizes with beautiful solid brass fittings on doubles. After searching far and wide for myself, and finding a sporadic supply and variable quality, depending upon the source, and very high prices, I decided to create my own frames and then elected to offer them to other valentine artists for their use and enjoyment.

These are the very same frames I use and enter proudly into shows and expositions and the frames have been widely appreciated.

Please feel free to email or contact me with any questions you may have.