Sailors' Valentines by Wendy L. Marshall
Rainbow Fleet


The authentic Sailor' Valentine is a fine work of art. Because, they are so beautiful, and have achieved a certain prominence, a crop of manufacturers offering "authentic reproductions" has arisen. Some companies are open about this as they work to sell their 'reproduction' valentines as decorations while others work hard to obscure and confuse authentic Sailors' Valentines with mass-produced lesser examples. My goal is to be sure that you have the information required to make a fully-informed choice concerning your investment in an heirloom quality Sailors' Valentine.

The authentic Sailors' Valentine is made individually by hand using a certain variety of materials and techniques. They are never mass-produced. Authentic Sailors' Valentines are never made overseas and then imported and then signed or 'Authenticated' to enhance their salability. Quality Sailors' Valentines can usually be traced back to their actual maker.

Finally, even among quality Sailors' Valentine artists and there are some truly remarkable Valentine artists, there is a variation of what is included with each piece or in its construction, quality and fittings. For example, use of common rather than rare shells, the intricacy of the shell work and the size of the shells used, small rare shells make for a more intricate and valuable Sailors' Valentines. Bone or polymer instead of whole, natural ivory, or the use of computer generated scrimshaw, some of which is also "signed" by the computer, rather than by artistic scrimshanders, avoiding hardwoods, importing mass-produced low-quality boxes or a lesser level of support, each of these choices reduces cost, uniqueness and quality as well as the value of the valentine.

My philosophy is to use only the very best, rarest and most beautiful shells, ivory and hardwood furniture quality boxes and appointments from which to lovingly and carefully craft each valentine, and then to offer them at very competitive prices. In other words, every part of these heirloom and investment quality Sailors' Valentine is made with the most expensive, rarest, finest and most beautiful, raw materials with exquisite attention to every detail, one at a time by me. Every Sailors Valentine comes with a full lifetime support. Yet, my prices are always reasonable.

My philosophy applies to every Sailors' Valentine I make according to your choices and selections. I will always advise you how to achieve the finest results and most exquisite components, so feel free to ask questions and together we can create your perfect Sailors' Valentine.

Sailors' Valentine - Dreaming of You